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Sales Appointments

Since the inception of T3 Direct our goal has remained focused on ensuring that our clients achieve their goal of seeing a return on investment (ROI). We understand that searching for a marketing company that you can trust is very difficult. We have put in place a failsafe, guaranteed lead generation model that allows our clients to simply focus on making the sale and leave the other aspects of the marketing process to us. We have over the years made realizations of other marketing firm’s mistakes and capitalized on this knowledge to develop our own systematic approach to lead generation, therefore simplifying campaigns and ensuring a ROI.

While other companies will force you into their “marketing mold” we have taken a more malleable approach, understanding that we must take a fresh perspective on every campaign to ensure success. When other companies require you to spend thousands of dollars up front on the basis of promised results, we only charge the costs of starting the campaign up front then offer our written guarantee on every lead purchased from our Pay-Per-Lead (PPL) model.

The PPL model allows our clients to project there ROI based on their average close ratios (ACR) because our guarantee allows them to estimate how many appointments they will close based on previous closing statistics.


We represent ONLY you, your company and your reputation—the appointments we set are NEVER shared & are 100% exclusive to you.

No Cost Up Front for Appointments:

Payments in advance are not required on appointments. Our simple 7 day net billing, invoices only those appointments which you have received information on. Our clients never get trapped into “floating” money. Our billing system is simple and flexible.


We build you a customized, cloud-based CRM system so you can easily view your appointments, prospect intel and sales pipeline 24/7 – 365.


We provide recordings of the decision maker committing to the appointment. So you get to hear the quality and professionalism prior to running the meeting.