Why choose us? 4 Steps to Success

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  • T3 Extends its ServicesPosted 05-01-11 on 5:23 pmT3 Direct is in the early developmental stages of offering additional marketing services to our clients, to establish ourselves as the premier full-service Marketing Company in the Valley
  • T3 undergoes major internal changesPosted 04-26-10 on 4:27 pmWe are currently in the process of switching our current traditional in-house IT and communications infrastructure to improve and streamline our efficiency
  • We've Relocated!Posted 08-19-10 on 4:27 pmT3 Direct has relocated to a new location in Modesto with a much larger building to better equip our constant growth.

Get Results. Guaranteed.

Our core product is Guaranteed Face to Face Sales Appointments, Live Transfers and Guaranteed Webinars.

What makes our guaranteed appointments unique is our three step Quality Assurance verification process, designed to eliminate risk to our clients and ourselves.

Heres our process to guarantee appointments.

1) First, we set the appointment, the recording is reviewed by Quality Assurance, re-verified and uploaded to the CRM and an e-mail reminder is sent to you in real time.

2) Next, we e-mail the prospect confirming the face to face sales appointment. We also enter them into the e-mail drip marketing database so they’re contacted by you 2-3 times with before you show up for the appointment.

3) Our 3rd level of Quality Assurance is calling and recording a confirmation starting 3 days before the appt. We do not stop calling until we have a confirmation.

4) This confirmation is also recorded and uploaded into your CRM account for you to review.

5) If an appointment reschedules, falls out, etc, we simply replace it and provide you with another guaranteed appointment or manage the existing reschedule on your behalf.

There are 5 core strategies we utilize for a full service client:

  • 1) Telesales & Telemarketing
  • 2) Competitive Research & Data Collection
  • 3) SEO & SEM Internet Marketing